Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Projects I-VI

K. Lorraine Graham's Large Waves to Large Obstacles
8.5x5.5" stab-bound with interwoven shells and
driftwood on linen/vellum papers, perfumed
44 pp $10 1st Ed. of 30; 14 remaining.

derek beaulieu's Flatland No. 1-20
5.5x8.5" handsewn and hand-embroidered, linen/vellum paper
24 pp $10 1st Ed. of 30; 14 remaining.

Jessica Smith's Gingerbread
5.5x5.5" handmade color pop-up book, perfumed
8pp $10 1st Ed. of 30; 19 remaining.

rob mclennan's avalanche
7.5x7.5" perfectbound snow-white 60# paper, b&w
80 pp 1st Ed. of 30; 21 remaining.

Jennifer Scappettone's Abluvion Almanac
5.5x5.5" color graphic stills
14 pp $10 1st Ed. of 30; 20 remaining.

Samar Abulhassan's nocturnal temple
8.5x5.5" b&w prose poems
30 pp $10 1st Ed. of 10; 8 remaining.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Editorial note

Take-Home Project is on hiatus. The above six books will be released before the end of 2007. Subsequent chapbooks will be solicited and will come out irregularly. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts. Thank you.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Take-Home Project

Take-Home Project is the chapbook division of Outside Voices. I accept manuscripts of experimental "poetry" 10-40pp. Submissions should be sent complete, not as excerpts, to

Take-Home Project Chapbooks are handmade with premium materials in editions of 30, with 5 going to the author. Each book is $10. Please contact Outside Voices for international postage rates or expect an invoice for shipping costs if you live outside the U.S.